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Q. I am a pharmaceutical product, brand and marketing manager. Can MedHawker support me in writing my Pharma Brand Plan?

Yes. MedHawker supports pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life Sciences Product and Brand Managers in writing brand plan for all stages of brand life cycle and all steps of brand marketing. MedHawker is team of highly specialised professionals who help Pharmaceutical product, brand and marketing managers in writing and executing brand plan for new product launch and existing products. To know more about Brand Sales & Marketing Services by MedHawker Click Here

Q. I am Pharma SBU Head of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Diabetes therapy. Can MedHawker support me in executing my Medico-Marketing Plan?

Yes. The team at MedHawker will support you in Strategising, Planning and Implementing your year long Medico-Marketing requirements. MedHawker can support you in planning & implementing Advisory Board meeting, Investigator Group Meeting, Round Table Meeting, Continuous Medical education (CME), Physician Education Program, Speaker Program, Symposium and Scientific programs, Observatory studies and user experience. A well crafted plan with professionally managed medico-marketing Program Format, Value offering Agenda, Theme based invitation, Scientific and aesthetically designed Ambience, Audience engaging Chairperson/Speaker/Panelists, Audience participation, Scientific displays, inclusion of live cases and clinical experience sharing makes a remarkable impression for long time. MedHawker walks along with you in your en-devour of engaging science community by adding value at every step of your Medico-marketing activities. To know more about Brand Sales & Marketing Services by MedHawker Click Here

Q. I am Pharmacetical, Healthcare & Life Sciences Marketing Manager. How can MedHawker support me?

MedHawker is modern organisation, vertically integrated with highly skilled professionals in the field of Medical, Marketing, Strategy, Advertisement & Promotion, Business Analysis, Market Research, Regulatory, Business Development, Formulation Sourcing, Licensing, Business Finance, KOL Management and Digital Healthcare Technology. MedHawker supports Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life Sciences Marketing Managers in Long range to medium range to short range plannign & execution. MedHawker team walks with Marketing managers at every walk of Annual, Quarterly and Day to day marketing requirements. MedHawker supports pharma marketing managers in Brand Health Assessment such as Brand Equity Study, Brand Positioning Study, Customised Market Research. MedHawker supports in Sales & Marketing Strategy such as New product Brand Strategy (Target Patient, Customer, Usage, Value proposition, Brand Strategic levers), Identification of Brand growth levers, Patient coverage & access strategy, Customer coverage & access strategy, Indication strategy, Communication strategy, Promotion Strategy, Pricing analytic, Advertisement Concept Development, Market Access & expansion strategy, Digital Healthcare solutions, Market expansion assessment, Product Usage expansion assessment, KOL identification, mapping & profiling, KOL advisory board management, KOL opinion assessment, Media visibility analysis. MedHawker also supports in Technical Communications such as Disease & Product Training, Product Monograph, Brand Detail Aid, Branch Brochure, Brand Campaign & Advertisement. MedHawker team…
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